The Rase Streampack gives you the ability to stream IRL from any device you want. The Streampack works delicately with the Streambox™.

Maintained streaming server

We have several stream servers, which have our own software and are designed to stream IRL. We keep all our servers up-to-date!

Ability to stream from any device (Streambox™ recommended)

  • Stream server is made for HD footage
  • Automatic OBS scene switcher (if coverage is not optimal)
  • Suitable datacenter location
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Interactive "subathon" timer

Let viewers add time to your timer by subscribing, donating and cheering. Works for the most commonly used donation providers.

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Our in-house Rase app

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All in one app

Get everything out of your IRL stream with our app, see stats, donations and live chat.

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Donation notifications

See donation notifications in your app, sounds are adjustable through our dashboard!

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Interact with your viewers

During your IRL stream, read the Twitch chat! We also offer support for YouTube livechats.

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Provider intergration

Intergration for the most commonly used providers.

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